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Force-Tech High Performance Braided Netting


Force-Tech High Performance Braided Netting

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Friday, 12 January 2018


Force-Tech high performance netting has been developed to hold stiffness and to resist abrasion, while taking full benefit of the properties of HMWPE fibres used in its production.

Force-Tech netting has a firm PE core covered by a braided HMWPE jacket, resulting in a round and stiff twine. This netting is finalized by the application of Cotesi proprietary PRO-TECH coating, a special and durable coating that improves its overall performance.

Manufactured with double knots up to 2,2mm for better mesh stability and low mesh distortion.

• Excellent abrasion resistance, light and strong
• Low drag resistance
• Double knot prevents knot slippage and net distortion
• Exclusive protective coating for improved performance